Academics and Student Affairs

Independent Studies (CS5974)

Some degree options allow credit toward the degree for an Independent Study (CS5974). In those cases CS 5974 is offered only as Pass/Fail credit with a variable number of credit hours (1 to 3). An Independent Study requires the student to enroll in CS 5974 for 3 credit hours and obtain a commitment from a CS professor to sponsor the study. A CS 5974 independent study request form must be submitted prior to the start of the semester in which the Independent Study will be taken.

A CS graduate student can do an independent study under a professor outside the CS department but in a topic relevant to the CS major if the following two criteria are met:

(1) The content is appropriate for credit towards a CS degree.

(2) A CS faculty member agrees to be the formal sponsor of the course. The person who signs the independent study approval form as the supervisor of the work must be a CS faculty member. Even though the work is mainly done with another person, the CS faculty member must be the responsible party within our department.

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