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Listserv Subscriptions and Discussion Groups

Mailing Lists, also know as LISTSERVs, allow you to easily distribute information via e-mail to many people at once by sending the message to one e-mail address. Lists can be used for discussion forums, event and update notifications, and news delivery. There are several listservs associated with CS@NVC. The most common ones are the discussion list for MS and PhD students in the CSA degree programs.

For MS and PhD students in CSA Degree Programs

Users can automatically subscribe their email address to this mailing list by sending an email to The body of the message should contain the following line:

subscribe cs-nvc-grad-students <firstname> <lastname>

For example if your last name is Smith and first name is John
Your message body should contain the line:

subscribe cs-nvc-grad-students John Smith

You will receive a command confirmation email in which you will have to click a link to confirm your subscription. After this you will start receiving emails posted to this listserv.

To Unsuscribe your email address from this listserv, login to the current email address that you want to unsubscribe

Send an email to with the body of the message containing the following line:

signoff cs-nvc-grad-students