Return Completed form to:                          Application Form for UNIX User Account
UNIX System Admin                                                     Department of Computer Science
Dept. of Computer Science, Virginia Tech                                        Virginia Tech
7054 Haycock Road / Room 303                                      Northern Virginia Graduate Center
Falls Church, VA 22043

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Check one:   ___  Open a new user account.  Choose one of  the following account types:
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                                    ___  Regular  (student in CS Dept.)
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                                    ___   Regular (student in CS Dept.)
                                    ___  Temporary (non CS major student)

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Initial password_______________________(change on first login, at least 7 characters which contain at least 1 number, uppercase or special characters)

Your signature is your statement that you fully understand and agree to abide by the rules as stated in the Acceptable Use of Computer Science Systems at Virginia Tech.

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