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Course #
Course Name
CS 4570
Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems LA Silva
Research Methods in Computer Science WB Frakes
CS 5044
Object-Oriented Programming with Java CJ Egyhazy
Computability and Formal Languages G Kulczycki
Theory of Algorithms G Kulczycki
Modeling and Evaluation of Computer Systems I Chen
Internet Software MA Oliva
Programming Languages JD Arther
Computer Architecture CT Lu
Data Analytics CT Lu
Data Analytics II Chandan Reddy
Fundamentals of Information Security W Lou
Network Architectures and Protocols I M Eltoweissy
CS 5566
Network Architectures and Protocols II LA Silva
Information Storage and Retrieval CT Lu
Database Management Systems CJ Egyhazy
CS 5624
Introduction to Data Mining CT Lu
Software Engineering G Kulczycki
Software Desgn and Quality WB Frakes
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CJ Egyhazy
Advanced Topics in Systems I Chen
Advanced Topics in Data and Information CT Lu
Advanced Topics in Software Engineering WB Frakes
Advanced Topics in Intelligent Systems CJ Egyhazy
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