Class Schedule

Fall 2012

Course #
Course Name
96286 Introduction to the Internet Staff ARR ARR Online
96287 Object-Oriented Programming Java (MIT only) JA Lewis ARR ARR Online
96288 Internet Software (MIT only) MA Oliva ARR ARR  Online
96290 Software Engineering (MIT only) R. Pettit ARR ARR Online
96291 Software Design and Quality (MIT only) CJ Egyhazy ARR ARR Online
96668 Computer Organization JM Paul Wed 7:00PM-9:45PM 113
96670 Operating Systems D Kafura Tue 4:00PM-6:45PM 323
96671 Mod & Eval Comp Sys IR Chen Thu 4:00PM-6:45PM 325
98106 Data Analytics CT Lu Mon 7:00PM-9:45PM 206
96672 Network and Computer Security Jung-Min Park Tue/Thu 2:00PM-3:15PM 206
98013 Network Arch and Protocols Y Yang Mon 4:00PM-6:45PM 206
96673 Database Management Systems CJ Egyhazy Cancelled
96676 Graduate Seminar CT Lu Fri 1:00PM-2:00PM 325
98582 SS: Network Security W Lou Wed 7:00PM-9:45PM 206
98381 Adv Foundations of Networking YT Hou Tue/Thu 12:30PM-1:45PM 206
Research Credit Courses
96677 Independent Study W Lou ARR ARR TBA
96678 Independent Study IR Chen ARR ARR TBA
96679 Independent Study CJ Egyhazy ARR ARR TBA
96680 Independent Study WB Frakes ARR ARR TBA
96681 Independent Study CT Lu ARR ARR TBA
96682 Research and Thesis IR Chen ARR ARR TBA
96683 Research and Thesis CJ Egyhazy ARR ARR TBA
96684 Research and Thesis WB Frakes ARR ARR TBA
96685 Research and Thesis CT Lu ARR ARR TBA
96686 Research and Thesis W Lou ARR ARR TBA
96688 Research and Dissertation CT Lu ARR ARR TBA
96689 Research and Dissertation WB Frakes ARR ARR TBA
96690 Research and Dissertation CJ Egyhazy ARR ARR TBA
96691 Research and Dissertation W Lou ARR ARR TBA
96692 Research and Dissertation Staff ARR ARR TBA
96693 Research and Dissertation IR Chen ARR ARR TBA
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