People - Faculty

Permanent Faculty

Dr. Chen
Ing-Ray Chen

Research Interests: Reliability and performance evaluation, mobile computing, wireless networks, trust and security, intrusion detection, cyber physical systems, and real-time intelligent systems.

Office: 308, Northern Virginia Center
Phone: 703-538-8376

Jin-Hee Cho

Jin-Hee Cho
Associate Professor

Research Interests:Trust management, cybersecurity, metrics and measurements, network performance analysis, resource allocation, agent-based modeling, uncertainty reasoning and analysis, information fusion/credibility, and social network analysis.

Office: 310, Northern Virginia Center
Phone: 703-538-8302

Greg Kulczycki

Greg Kulczycki
Assistant Professor of Practice

Office: 312B, Northern Virginia Center
Phone: 703-538-3758

Dr. Lou
Wenjing Lou

Research Interests: Data Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing; Security and Privacy in Cyber-physical Systems; Security and Privacy in Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing; Opportunistic Routing; Network Coding.

Office: 304, Northern Virginia Center
Phone: 703-538-3774

Dr. Lu

Chang-Tien Lu
NCR Computer Science Program Director

Research Interests: Spatial Information, Urban Computing, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Geographic Information Systems.

Office: 312, Northern Virginia Center
Phone: 703-538-8373

Dr. Luther

Kurt Luther
Assistant Professor

Research Interests:Human-computer interaction, crowdsourcing, and social computing.

Office: 5-012 VTRC
Phone: 571-858-3335
Dr. Ramakrishnan

Naren Ramakrishnan

Research Interests: Mining scientific datasets in domains such as systems biology, neuroscience, sustainability, and intelligence analysis.

Office: 5-026, VTRC
Phone: 571-858-3331

Dr. Reddy

Chandan K. Reddy
Associate Professor

Research Interests:Data Mining; Machine Learning; Big Data; Healthcare & Biomedical Informatics; Social Media & Crowdfunding.

Office: 5-178, VTRC
Phone: 571-858-3255

Visiting Scholar

Zhenxiang Chen

Wei Song

Li Yang

Adjunct Faculty