Computer Science Seminar Series

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech

Fall 2009
(05-08, 09S, 09F, 10S, 10F, 11S, 11F, 12S, 12F, 13S, 13F, 14S, 14F, 15S)

Week Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Abs & Bio
2 9/4 Prof. Chaowei Yang George Mason University Spatial Computing for Supporting Geographic Sciences Abstract
4 9/18 Prof. Jessica Lin Dept. of Computer Science
George Mason University
Finding Non-Trivial Patterns and Structural Similarity in Time Series Databases Abstract
5 9/25 Prof. Vicky Choi Dept. of Computer Science
Virginia Tech
Adiabatic Quantum Computation Abstract
7 10/9 Prof. Diana Farkas Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Virginia Tech From Atoms to Material Properties: Basic Physics in the Development of New Nano-materials Abstract
8 10/16 Prof. Jimmy Lin iSchool, U. of Maryland Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce Abstract
9 10/23 Mital Gandhi Lockheed Martin Robust Kalman Filters for Engineering and Climate Applications Abstract
10 10/30 Prof. Nan Niu CSE Dept.
Mississippi State U.
Extractive Product Line Requirements Engineering Abstract
12 11/13 Prof. Joseph Wang ECE Dept., Virginia Tech Machine Learning for Genomic Data Analysis Abstract
13 11/20 Prof. Manisa Pipattanasomporn ECE Dept,.Virginia Tech Smart Grid as the Enabler for a Sustainable Energy Solution Abstract
15 12/4 Prof. Seon Ho Kim CS IT Dept.
U. of District of Columbia
Geo-Tagged Video Search Abstract

NVC Driving Direction, CS NVC VT, CS Blacksburg

CS BB Seminar, Math Application Seminar(GWU)

VT NVC, Virginia Tech